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Jalsa Salana 2013 Announcements

The 29th Annual National Convention (Jalsa Salana) will insha’allah be held on 4-6th October 2013. The attendance is becoming larger every year. To hold such a large gathering we need a large number of volunteers to assist Jalsa Salana Organisers. Please contact Br Abdul Salam,Nazim Hazri-o-Nigrani (Duty) on 0433017183 and offer your services to serve the guests of Promised Messiah alaihisalam. Interstate members are requested to contact their Jama’at Presidents.

All volunteers are required to register. Registration forms are available from Nazim Registration Br Mazhar Mahmood who can be contacted on 0411674901.Registration forms will also be available through Jama’at Ahmadiyya Australia official website alislam.org.au. Kindly fill in and return this form to Nazim Registration. Interstate members are requested to return this form to their Jama’at Presidents.
Due to limitation of space at the venue NO PRIVATE STALLS are allowed during this year Jalsa Salana other than Jama’at / auxiliary organisations. For more information please contact Nazim Food Stall Br Hamed Ahmad on 0405075938.
Parents of children who wish to perform Aqeeqa of their children at the Jalsa Salana are requested tocontact Br Ammar Khan on 0414256734. The contribution towards each goat/lamb is $120. i.e.$240 for a Boy, and $120 for a Girl. Kindly make the payment to the Jalsa Salana fund (marked ‘Aqeeqa’ on receipt) to the Secretary Maal/ Nigraan of your Jama’at, and present your receipt number to Br Ammar Khan, Nazim Jalsa Salana Office. Names should be confirmed by 20th of September 2013.Interstate members are requested to contact their Jama’at Presidents
There are still many members of Jama’at who don't have Registration / ID cards. Those without the cardswill have to wait in the long queues to get temporary entry card before entering into the Jalsa Gah.Please contact your Jama'at Presidents immediately
and provide them with a passport size photographs.
Photos are required of Males 7 & above. Only Permanent residents of Australia are eligible forRegistration/ ID cards
Non residents will be issued with a temporary Registration/ ID card.
Those who have lost their ID card, there is a small charge of $4.00 for reissuing a new ID card.
For more information please contact Br Nadeem Mirza,Nazim Registration on 0421141384
From this year temporary ID cards will also be required for children under 7. Members are requested tocontact their Jama’at Presidents and provide information on children in this age group.

Any Sydney member wanting to take mattresses from Mosque for their guests can either hire or purchasefor a monetary amount. For more information pleasecontact Br Anees UrRehman Nazim Accommodation 0405529707.
You are requested to kindly remember
all volunteers in your prayers and pray for the success of Jalsa Salana Australia.
Please do not hesitate to contact me for any information.
Mohammad Sarwar Shah
Afsar Jalsa Salana, Australia
Mobile: 0413325930