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About Us

For more than one hundred years the Ahmadiyya Muslim community has been leading a peaceful revival of Islam. From the time it was founded in India in 1889 it has enjoyed an unrivalled record for peace and for its efforts to build cohesive societies.

Our Leader

Since the founder’s demise in 1908 we have been led by a series of Caliphs or spiritual leaders, the present being His Holiness Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad; this form of global leadership is another distinctive feature of this community.
He continues to relay the message of peace to the corners of the earth, a message that has been reflected in action by the community through humanitarian efforts by men, women and the youth of the community.
In fact the members of the community willingly give time and money for relief work even in the remote parts of the globe, to help those in need regardless of creed or colour.


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